About the author

Latise M. Howie

Author/ Playwright Latise M. Howie debuted her first novel The Chronicles: Elevator Silence in January 2014. She quickly followed up with the second release The Chronicles: Sidetracked in October of 2014.  Latise's writing style is entertaining and very spiritual.  This new author does an outstanding job of turning these tales of real life situations into entertaining, teaching moments for our lives. Latise wears many hats.  She is the mother of three amazing children, Motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.   She understands that she is simply the vessel God uses to bring forth the message and the blessing.  Latise released the last of the last of the The Chronicles Trilogy, titled, The Chronicles: Highways, Intersections and Exits in October of 2015. Latise was recently awarded The Best Inspirational Gospel Author of the Year, on September 24, 2016, at the Gospel Image Awards in Charlotte, NC. She was also awarded Author of the Year, by the Queen City Awards, also in Charlotte, NC.